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The Implementing Actionable Data Insights Conference – Drive Performance Conference Programme

Inform Strategic Decision-Making & Business-Wide Cultural Change: Communicate & Implement Actionable, Meaningful Data Insights To Drive Business Performance & Value: Demonstrate ROI & Value To Win Senior Buy-In & Harness The Latest Tools, Technologies & Innovations For Best-Practice Data-Driven Insights With Real-World Impact

One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 14th November 2017, Museum of London Docklands, London. Download the brochure here.

09.00 GIC Welcome & Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks
Tim Carmichael
Chief Data Officer & Chief Analytics Officer
British Army


09.15 Sophisticated, Effective Storytelling Methods & Approaches To Tell & Sell Your Data Story & Insights To The Business

  • Effectively present your story to the business with tried and tested tools and techniques to translate your data into insights they will understand and adopt
  • Get your voice heard with advice on identifying the data and insights that will resonate with key stakeholders and functional execs to get the sceptics on board with your plans
  • Unpicking the mass of data with best-practice techniques of pulling all your different data together and structuring the story in the most simple, effective manner

Nick King
Market Research & Insight Director


09.40 Overcome Internal Challenges & Gain Cultural Buy-In To Actually Action & Implement Data Insights Across The Business To Drive Organisational Change

  • Before you create insights – ensure your insight may actually be actioned in your business, linking your objectives to key business problems
  • You’ve analysed the data, extracted the insight – but how do you drive the action throughout the business and overcome internal barriers?
  • How can we convince wider teams of the value of data insights and actually ensure they implement changes?
  • Top tips to embed an insight-led culture and data mindset throughout the organisation so the true value of data insights can fully take root

09.40 Maciej Partyka
Head of Global Customer Insights

10.00 Zog Gibbens
Global Analytics
Enterprise Architect
Walgreens Boots Alliance

10.25 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

10.55 Tracking The Change, Tracking The Results
Once you have turned your insight into action and implemented it within your business, how are you then tracking and evaluating whether the change has taken root and what result it has had on business performance and customer experiences? Debating the practical methods and techniques for assessing the impact and ROI of your data insights in practice.
Ian Shaylor
Head of Customer Insight & Data
British Gas Business

11.15 It’s Not Your Journey It’s Theirs, Beyond The Map To Actionable Journey Insight

Many businesses are ‘mapping the customer journey’ to better understand their customers. The trouble is that current journey thinking is flawed; It’s not actionable and therefore, while well intentioned, is failing to meet customer needs.

Only by realizing that a customer journey isn’t a fixed process and by acknowledging that the customer is in charge can brands truly engage with their customers.

In this session, we’ll debunk customer journey myths, introduce the customer-managed journey concept and look at who’s doing it right.

Rob James
UK Sales Director


11.35 Accurately Measure The Impact & ROI Of Data- & Insight-Led Organisational Decision-Making To Clearly Demonstrate Value To The Business

  • Lessons learned around the practical methods of measuring and demonstrating the quantifiable benefits of data and insights on the business bottom line to successfully prove its value
  • What are you actually achieving? Insights into industry successes to benchmark your results and impact

11.35 Matt Stockbridge
Growth Analytics Manager

11.55 Cédric Puel
Head of Data & Analytics, Retail Banking & Services
BNP Paribas

12.20 Lunch For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

12.50 Informal, Facilitated Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Machine Learning To Drive Data Insights & Understand Customer Behaviour
Mark Stern
Director of Business Intelligence (Digital)
Ladbrokes Gala Coral

B) B2B: Delivering Data Insights From Connecting Your Supply Chain
Nav Nair
Director of Supply Chain Projects & Analytics

C) Big Data
Colin Molter
Chief Data Scientist
AXA Belgium

D) Using Data-Driven Insight To Build Algorithms That Optimise Prices To Increase Revenue
María Osa
Senior Commercial Data Analyst
HarperCollins Publishers

E) Data Insights & Customer Behaviour
Tom Spencer
Head of Customer Analytics

13.20 Chair’s Afternoon Remarks
Anantha Prasad
Head of Data & Information Management & Chief Data Officer, EMEA


13.30 Get Their Attention, Then Get Their Investment For Data & Insight Resources With Tried & Tested Methods For Securing Senior Buy-In & Influencing Strategic Decision-Making

  • Lessons learned on the successful approaches to gaining the attention of senior leaders and engaging them with your data and insight projects
  • Effectively selling the value of insights to the leadership to gain the investment in the technology and resources you need to make a real impact with your data
  • Advice on translating your data insights into business recommendations the senior team will pay attention to in order to inform strategic decision-making

13.30 TBC

13.50 TBC


14.15 Stay At The Forefront Of Data & Insights With An Update On The Latest Tools, Technologies & Models

  • With Salesforce dominating the market, evaluate the alternative tools and technologies to decipher what’s right for your organisation and infrastructure
  • Tap into the volume of customer data with the latest technology to effectively access customer feedback and harness the best information for better informed strategic decisions
  • Debating the pros, cons and practical applications of the major models, tools and technologies available today
  • From machine learning, marketing automation, data algorithms, biometrics to AI; what are the latest innovations in technology and the cutting-edge tools on the horizon we should actually be paying attention to?

Geoff Clark
Head of Data

Chris Conroy
Head of Customer Data Science
Rank Group

Bob Spencer
Head of Claims Counter Fraud
Direct Line Group

Pardip Bans
Head of Business Customer Insight
HM Revenue & Customs

14.45 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner: To get involved in The Implementing Actionable Data Insights Conference, please email info@datainsightsconference.com or call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 for more details.

15.15 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.45 Gain Valuable Insights Into The Latest Innovations, Methods & Approaches To Harness For Next-Level Data Insights

  • Insights into the methods, techniques and the decision-making processes behind innovative, forward-thinking projects: learn from other successes and failures and benchmark your results
  • Building a data and insight tool kit: what are the new approaches and different techniques out there which people have had success with?
  • What are the latest innovations and disruptive behaviours in the industry we should be keeping an eye on to take our data and insight to the next level?

15.45 Alejandro Marcos Alvarez
Senior Data Scientist
BNP Paribas Fortis

16.10 Colin Molter
Chief Data Scientist
AXA Belgium


16.35 Best-Practice Methods For Gathering & Harnessing Data To Drive Powerful Customer Insights & Better Business Decision-Making

  • Top tips to successfully navigate multiple data sources and ask the right questions of your data in order to drive meaningful segments, insights and opportunities
  • Insights on how to avoid analysis paralysis and drive structured tests that improve the quality and impact of your data whilst delivering business value
  • Organisational considerations: partnering with your stakeholders to embed insight and build end-to-end capability
  • Look forward: with GDPR around the corner, how can organisations strike the balance between regulation and commercial use of data?

Mary Harper
Head of Strategy Customer Data & Digital
Standard Life

17.00 Harnessing Data Case Study

  • Cereal Partners Worldwide’s journey to gather, integrate and harmonise global market data to deliver insights to drive business performance
  • Top tips on integrating and harmonising global data to deliver global insights for a worldwide organisation
  • Beyond reporting market share; advice on leveraging data for advanced analytics
  • Ensuring you stay agile by getting the right blend of skills to deliver value quickly to the business

Zeman Bhunnoo
Head of Connected Data & Analytics
Cereal Partners Worldwide

Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference


Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Implementing Actionable Data Insights Conference – Drive Performance, please email info@datainsightsconference.com.